Texfashion is composed of several modules that can be activated at the client's choice, working in a unified and transparent.

BASE : products, customers, suppliers, color charts, color variations, collections, seasons, measures and tables.
DBFAB : Bill of Materials with the ability to define different products for consumption and size, to define neutral Bill which may be variant. Material requirements from customer orders, season, line, articles ... Cycles and standard Article and contractors.
MAGAZ :Management of internal warehouses, external contractors and customers with management choices, lots, lots, dye, rolls and progress. Management of the apartments to orders of goods or provisions.
CCATT: customer orders of different types (production, samples, looking ....) infinite price lists (including pets). Orders or shipments from inventory, billing, packing list, invoice. Managing agents and sales analysis.
CCPAS: Passive cycle: different types of suppliers orders, price lists endless. documents of incoming goods, bills of suppliers.
PROD :Production Management: provisions to orders or warehouse. Management of the processing steps internal or contractors with automatic generation of documents, progress of semi-finished and all necessary components.
MRP: (material requirement planning) .Availability management. Generation of proposals for purchase or production.
COSVAL : Cost management and inventory valuations.

I Moduli

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